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                                                Welcome to the I. M. Terrell High Alumni School Web Page


         Our goal is to keep you informed about I. M. Terrell events and in touch with classmates throughout the organization.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

                  It is an honor to serve as your Alumni President and to help all alums stay connected to the association.

         Many different events occur throughout the year and you  are invited to participate in any of them. It is vital for all of

        us who walked the halls of this Historic Institution to work together in support of our alma mater. I urge you to become

        an active member and share in the  activities and opportunities this organization has to offer.


                                We are excited about the direction and future of the I. M. Terrell Alumni Association

         Ronald R. Robinson

          Alumni President

"I be a Panther Who be you?"


Ronald R. Robinson

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