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IMT  Scholarships
PO Box 15462
Ft. Worth, TX 76119

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I M Terrell Alumni Association 2022 Scholarship Application


       All I. M Terrell Alumni qualify to apply on behalf of their                                                    child/grand/great grandchild.



I. M. Terrell sponsor (grand/great grandparent)_____________________

Applicant Name: ____________________________________

Address:  _________________________________________

City/State/Zip: _____________________________________

Email address______________________________________

Cell Number_______________________________________

Presently Enrolled: _________________________________

Grade Point Average: _____________________

  Requirements for potential recipients - Essay (no longer than 1 double                                        space 8 1/2 x 11 page).

  A short history about yourself (achievements, clubs, volunteer work and                        accomplishments during your educational years).

               Please mail to: I. M. Terrell Alumni Association

                                       PO Box 15462 

                                       Ft. Worth, TX 76119           


                                  Thank you in advance.

                       We look forward to receiving your application. 

                                           Good Luck!

                         Application for 2022 Scholarship


          Application must be post marked / January 1, thru April 10, 2022.